We are an auto repair shop servicing cars for our neighbors in the Maple Leaf area of North Seattle with ASE certified mechanics. We are in the 98115 zip code near Lake City Way and Northgate.

Our Staff - All of our staff are ASE certified , and are fully qualified mechanics.

Chuck "old school" Peters has been working on cars longer than they have been around! Chuck has such a love and care for his customers and especially their cars! It shows in his quality repair work and the special attention to his customers. Chuck has retired from the shop but still enjoys coming in to work at the shop from time to time and see his old customers. In his spare time, Chuck enjoys keeping himself busy with jogging, biking and exercising.

Chris is the owner of Chuck's Maple Leaf Auto Repair. He has been in the automotive industry since 1995. In the last 15 years, he has worked every position of an automotive repair shop from lube technician to master technician to service writer to service manager. Chris finally decided to do it on his own in 2009 when he purchased Chuck's Auto Repair from Chuck when he decided to retire. Chris' passion for the automotive industry shows in his attitude and workmanship. His goal is to provide the best quality auto repairs for his customers in the Maple Leaf Community of Seattle.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys hanging with his beautiful wife and kids, playing sports with his son, Logan, and spending lots of time at the shop getting it "fixed up!"

Chris holds certifications in the following categories:
ASE Master Certification
Business Management Certification
Service Writer's Certification

Eric is our Honda / Acura Specialist Technician. He has been working on Hondas for the past 11 years for his dad's Honda Specialty Shop before coming to work at Chuck's Auto Repair. His knowledge and experience with Honda cars is unsurpassed! But don't let that fool you into thinking that's all he knows! He has a vast knowledge and experience with many makes and models and will continue to build on and improve his mechanic skills for years to come. We really enjoy having Eric join our family and look forward to many years of employment with him!

In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball or anything that has to do with sports as well as spending time with his friends, family and most importantly, his lovely girlfriend!

Eric holds certifications in the following categories:
ASE Certification
Honda Certification
Emissions Certification

Brandon is the newest (and youngest) addition to the Chuck's Auto Repair family. He is the new service writer for the shop. You will see him behind the counter ready to greet you with a smiling face! He has a genuine care for his customers and their cars. Brandon started out in the auto industry as a mechanic for Ford for a few years and continued his education in auto repair before moving on to service high performance cars. He has since enjoyed working more with customers and has been writing service for the past two years.

In his spare time he enjoys snowboarding with friends, fishing with his family, wakeboarding and bicycling. He holds a strong passion for cars, especially Nissan, which he currently has a major project going on his Nissan 240SX.

Brandon holds certifications in the following categories:
ASE Certification
Ford Certification

Aaron is a Master Technician that has been working in the automotive industry since 1998. He pays special attention to detail, very meticulous with his work, takes pride in every task and takes time to make sure the job is done right and to his impeccable standards. He excels as a diagnostics technician that can damn well fix anything you throw at him!

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, climbing and snowboarding quite the outdoors guy!

He also enjoys the company of his three dogs and his lovely girlfriend, Michelle.

Aaron hold certifications in the following categories:
Emissions Certification

Ken is our go-to guy at the shop for all sorts of random stuff! He makes sure the shop stays the cleanest in Seattle! He also ensures that advertising, maintenance and cleaning is kept up to the highest of Chucks Auto standards. He has been with us since 2010 as one of the longest running employees. We love Ken!

In his spare time, he enjoys working out, helping his family, continuing his higher education by attending College for any class that suits his desire!

Phone:206.526.1069    Address:9115 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98155Phone:206.526.1069    Address:9115 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98155Phone:206.526.1069    Address:9115 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98155

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