We are an auto repair shop servicing cars for our neighbors in the Maple Leaf area of North Seattle with ASE certified mechanics. We are in the 98115 zip code near Lake City Way and Northgate.

Our Rave Reviews.

We are a local shop, owned and operated by local people.   So we want to hear from you, our neighbors.  If you're curious about what our neighbors have said about us, or you'd like to share, check us out here @



Here are just a few of our favorite reviews.

Seattle, WA

Posted on City Search - 2/10/2011

Chuck's is my new favorite auto repair shop. I've been there a handful of times now, and can't say enough good things! This shop is the cleanest auto mechanic shop I've ever been in. They are knowledgeable and have always discovered the problem right away. They give thorough estimates, and each time the final bill was less than they estimated. Even when extremely busy, they always seem to be able to squeeze my car in on the same day.

I feel like they are always honest with me, and only fix what needs to be fixed. Their staff is the friendliest I've ever been serviced by. I now tell everyone about Chuck's. I don't think I'll ever want to go anywhere else...ever again!

Definitely worth a visit!

--reviewer #156674
Seattle, WA

Posted on CarTalk - 2011

Very fast, honest, friendly service. I've always had wonderful experiences with Chuck's. They get my car in right away, and call me quickly with an estimate. Their prices are very fair and their shop is extremely organized and clean. The owner and staff go out of their way for me every time I need repairs. I strongly recommend Chuck's Maple Leaf Auto to anyone.

Seattle, WA

Posted on City Search - 5/16/2010

I discovered a gem of an auto repair shop recently. It is called Chuck's Maple Leaf Auto Repair. It is becoming a rare occurance these days to find an auto mechanic you can trust. I not only found one mechanic I can trust but three! The staff at Chuck's Auto Repair are not only very friendly but knowledgeable in all aspects of auto repair. They were very helpful in helping me get my car back on the road without selling me services or parts I didn't need. I strongly recommend this shop to anyone looking for honest and friendly mechanics in the great neighborhood of Maple Leaf in Seattle.

  • Pros: Very friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Cons: Easy to miss due to its small driveway entrance

John B.
Seattle, WA

Posted on Yelp - 5/11/2010

I had a great experience at Chuck's. I tend to be really paranoid when I deal with mechanics because I really have no idea what they are talking about. But these guys took the time to explain in detail what had to be done and gave me multiple options explaining the pros and cons of each. I felt like they were being sincere and honest with me.

I am very pleased with the work that was done, and I will definitely give them my repeat business should I require their services again. Overall, a great neighborhood auto repair shop.

annie 1
Seattle, WA

Posted on City Search - 5/11/2010

I borrowed my boyfriends BMW while he was traveling, and bad car luck hit me again. I had put something in the trunk and when i closed it, the brake light indicator came on. I took it to BMW and it was going to cost 97.00. Not to bad, but I had to goto work. i'd deal with it later. A friend suggested I call Chucks. I work in the neighborhood, and they came and got my car. It was just a light bulb. It cost me abot $10.00. They were so nice. They also checked the car out and said it was in great condition but the filters should be changed soon. Best experience ive ever had with car repair.

Great location, next to a coffe shop and near Snappy Dragon.

  • Pros: great service, friendly, neighborhood location

Cody C4
Seattle, WA

Posted on Judy's Book - 10/1/2009

Been a long time customer of Chuck's Maple Leaf Automotive for quite a few years now. Located on Roosevelt close to Northgate Mall. Always fast, friendly service and never feeled over-pushed to spend money on things not needed. You can count on the guys at Chucks Maple Leaf Automotive to take care of you! Would highly Recommend Maple Leaf Auto! Pros: excellent service, parking available, close and convenient Cons: no waiting room


Phone:206.526.1069    Address:9115 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98155Phone:206.526.1069    Address:9115 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98155Phone:206.526.1069    Address:9115 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98155

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